YUAA Speaker Panel: Careers and Opportunities in Aerospace

Earlier in September, Yale Aerospace hosted a Speaker Panel titled “Careers and Opportunities in Aerospace” for the Yale community. For this event, we invited 3 distinguished Yale alums to talk to interested students about life in the aerospace industry:

Jason Rabinovitch (BS Mechanical Engineering, 2008): NASA Jet Propulsion Lab
Morgan Dwyer (BS Astronomy and Physics, 2008): Aerospace Corporation
Stephen Hall (BS Mechanical Engineering, 2014): Trinity Mobile Networks



The event, sponsored by Yale’s Traphagen Grant, was held at the Watson Center (formerly the Yale School of Management) and attracted a number of undergraduate students interested in aerospace.

To kick things off, Jason spoke about his work at JPL and some of their current projects, including an exciting new helicopter prototype to be used to assist the Mars Planetary Rover. He highlighted the importance of graduate school in his career, and also spoke about some technicalities he had to work through as an international citizen (he is Canadian) working for NASA.

The talk was furthered by Morgan who talked about her experiences working under the US government within the Aerospace Corporation. She stressed upon the key role that systems engineering plays in the work that the United States Department of Defence carries out in the aerospace sector. She also provided a different perspective, as unlike Jason, she entered the workforce straight after completing her bachelor’s degree.

As the final panelist, Stephen spoke about his experiences co-founding the startup Trinity Mobile Networks, and the triumphs and struggles associated with being a young entrepreneur. Being one of the former Co-Presidents of YUAA, he reminisced about his experiences with the organisation, and the projects he worked on during his undergraduate career at Yale.



To cap off a great afternoon, YUAA members had dinner with Jason, Morgan, and Stephen, where the conversation ranged from graduate school to classes at Yale, working in the industry to watching the movies “The Martian” and “Interstellar”.

YUAA hopes to continue collaborating with these 3 alums and to use their knowledge and expertise in hosting workshops, lectures, and connecting better with Yale alumni and the aerospace industry.