Compiled List of Summer Opportunities

General Advice
Apply early and apply often. Have a backup plan. It matters less where you go and more about how much you put into your experience. There are many high-quality internship programs not listed here.

Apply on the One-Stop Shopping Initiative (OSSI) website:

The NASA Multi-disciplinary Aeronautic Research Team Initiative (MARTI) program is not listed on OSSI (for bureaucratic reasons) and can be applied for here:

YUAA members have interned at various NASA locations, feel free to contact the following people to discuss their experiences:

Lauren Chambers: Goddard Research Center
Andrew Arkebauer: Langley Research Center
Devin Cody: Ames Research Center

NB: NASA will not notify you if you are not selected for an internship.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs)
REUs are federally funded, paid internships at national labs and universities across the country. Interns are paired up with a mentor and given research/projects to work on.

Some sites you might be interested in:
Arecibo Observatory
National Optical Astronomy Observatory
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
SETI Institute
California Institute of Technology (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory)

As one of our sponsoring organizations, YUAA has a strong relationship with the recruiters at Alcoa. If you are interested in interning/working for Alcoa, please email Devin or Gerardo.

Some big names in aerospace manufacturing


Lockheed Martin:

United Launch Alliance:

Northrop Grumman:

Aerojet Rocketdyne:

Aerospace Corporation: Does a lot of advising for the US government about all things aerospace. Also runs a number of research labs. YUAA has a contact here, let us know if you would like more information.

Samller names in aerospace manufacturing

Ball Aerospace:


Sikorksy: One of the pioneering companies in helicopter design and manufacture.

Made in Space: A company that was recently founded. Based in Mountain View California, Made In Space is a company devoted to building 3D printers capable of manufacturing parts in space.

Generation Orbit:

Hawker Pacific Aerospace:

Commercial rocketry


Blue Origin:

Virgin Galactic:

The satellite industry

PlanetLabs: A San Francisco startup that is building a constellation of CubeSats (called doves) able to take pictures of anything at anytime.

Other aerospace-related internships


STEM-related Internships



More Job Listings
Wolfram Summer Programs:

Student competitions, scholarships and awards

Space Club:

Google Scholarships: (Apparently Yale Students, cannot apply, we are working on it)