First Inter-Ivy Space Coalition Conference

The Inter-Ivy Space Coalition (IISC) is a new collaboration between aerospace student groups at all eight Ivy league Schools. IISC’s goal is to facilitate conversations on improvements for each club’s engineering projects and to build a more vibrant aerospace community across the Ivy Leagues. Through this collaboration, our aerospace organizations will be able to coordinate streamed speaker events, share engineering expertise and resources, and provide project support and critique for other clubs.

On April 7, YUAA will host the first IISC conference to bring together students for a weekend of discussions on the future of aerospace and the role of student groups in the industry. The conference will be an opportunity for students to meet face to face and engage with experts working in the industry. Through speaker events, networking sessions, debates, and poster symposiums, students will get to connect with other university clubs and professionals in the field to work on building a stronger aerospace community.

Check out our website for more information:

If you are interested in supporting our first conference, please contact Isabella Trierweiler at Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 10.17.36 PM