YUAA Speaker Series: David Maass

Maass poster

Today, Mr. David Maass gave a talk on the Aerospace industry as a part of the YUAA Speaker Series. Mr. Maass provided us with an overview of the Aerospace industry and some of
his experiences. He also talked about what is special about the industry and how it differs from others, primarily to provide insight to those members who may be considering a career in the industry. In addition, Mr. Maass described a few interesting projects he was involved with as an undergraduate, such as a human powered aircraft, inspiring some ideas for future projects for YUAA!

David Maass is President of Flightware, a consulting firm that provides expertise to aerospace and defense firms and the US government. Mr. Maass is an Aeronautical Engineer with BS and MS degrees from MIT. He started his career working for Sikorsky Aircraft in 1977 shortly after they won the contract to produce the Black Hawk helicopter. Four years later he started his own firm, Advanced Composite Products, in Connecticut to design and manufacture parts made from composite materials for a wide variety of applications from the B2 Stealth bomber to guitars. His company merged with another firm and in 1994 he went out on his own again as an independent consultant with Flightware. His clients are mainly in the aerospace industry but he also worked on wind energy and transportation projects. David has also been a Private pilot for 43 years and is a member of Yale Aviation (though now inactive).