Entrepreneurship in Aerospace: YUAA Speaker Series

On 5th December, The Yale Undergraduate Aerospace Association invited Dr. Robert Breault (Yale ’62), the founder and president of the Breault Research Organization, to Yale to speak about leadership and entrepreneurship in aerospace. This was the second YUAA Speaker Series event of the semester. Dr. Breault is one of the world’s leading experts in the area of stray light analysis and suppression and the chairman of the Arizona Optics Industry Association.

YUAA hoped to bring Dr. Breault to speak to both our members and to the broader Yale community. We believe that his life experiences and insights can help students thinking about careers in aerospace or in STEM more generally better understand their options. In particular, Dr. Breault recounted his experiences in starting his own company.

The event, held in the Lecture Space in the CEID, saw a pretty good turnout, with both members and non-members in attendance.



At the event, Dr. Breault recounted many of his life experiences, from his scientific experiments in middle school to his time in the military and to his experiences with founding the Breault Research Organisation. He also regaled the attendees with many of his interesting experiences from his time as a Yale undergraduate.

The event was a good success, and was an inspiration for the students who attended. After the talk, they also got the opportunity to interact with Dr. Breault over dinner, held in Silliman College.