YUAA Remembers Apollo 1, Challenger, and Columbia Disasters

The end of January brings about the anniversaries of three fatal space missions: Apollo I on January 27th, 1969, Challenger on January 28th 1986, and Columbia on February 1st, 2003. The Yale Undergraduate Aerospace Association would like to pay respects to the valiant crew members who gave their lives to advance man kind’s understanding of space.

Crew of Apollo I: Edward White, Command Pilot; Virgil ‘Gus” Grissom, Commander; Roger Chaffee, Pilot

Crew of Challenger: Francis R. Scobee, Mission Commander; Michael J. Smith, Pilot; Gregory B. Jarvis, Payload Specialist 1; Christa Mcauliffe, Payload Specialist 2; Judith A. Resnik, Mission Specialist 1; Ellison S. Onizuka, Mission Specialist 2; Ronald E. McNair, Mission Specialist 3

Crew of Columbia: David Brown, mission specialist; Rick Husband, commander; Laurel Clark, mission specialist; Kalpana Chawla, mission specialist; Michael Anderson, mission specialist; William McCool, pilot; Ilan Ramon, payload specialist