YUAA has been holding a series of workshops related to this year’s projects.

SolidWorks Workshop


The first workshop, held on September 12, was a great success. The room was packed full with twenty-one people ready to learn about SolidWorks. Bolun Liu and Jeff Gau, both class of 2016, guided the participants through topics ranging from extruding and cutting to mirroring and creating reference geometries. Most people at the workshop had not used SolidWorks previously, but by the end of the workshop had constructed a picture frame which they could then print themselves on the 3d printers in the CEID. The skills learned are applicable to many areas, but will be especially helpful to the Rocket Competition Team, which will be designing their own rocket. The workshop gave the newer team members background knowledge necessary to model and print parts.

Rocket Workshop


The second YUAA workshop was centered on high-power rocketry and the basics of rocket building. Led by Thomas Ryan, the workshop covered a myriad of subtopics, including: motor classification and NAR rules, center of gravity vs. center of pressure, the mechanics of the launch controller, electronics and recovery system, and the art of choosing rocket materials. Though the workshop was geared towards knowledge needed by the Rocket Competition team, many members from other YUAA groups attended.

Hybrid Rocket Motor Workshop


On September 16th Megan Perkins (’16) taught an interactive workshop on hybrid rocket motors, a topic related to the YUAA project she is leading, propulsion research. Participants learned about the parts of a hybrid rocket motor and their functions, along which how researchers measure various values during a test. Throughout the workshop Megan called on people to answer questions and even brought a scaled down version of the motor components she described. The model used polypropylene as a solid fuel and had a chamber for nitrous oxide, which would serve as the oxidizer in the rocket motor. Participants left one cupcake fuller and with an understanding of the propulsion research and hybrid rocket motors.