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On Monday, January 20th, John Muratore ’79 gave a talk cohosted by YUAA and the CEID on his experience in the aerospace industry.

Muratore is a 30 year veteran aerospace engineer. He first started as an Air Force Officer at Vandenberg Air Force Base and Cape Canaveral AFS as a software developer and launch vehicle test conductor. He then moved to NASA in Houston as a shuttle flight controller serving as an Integrated Communications Officer. He headed Space Shuttle Flight Software Production for two years before being selected as a Space Shuttle Flight Director. He led teams on four flights of the space shuttle, including leading one of the three teams that performed the first Hubble Repair Missions.

Murature then served as Mission Control Center Division Chief at JSC that led an 18 month $250 M effort that transformed the Apollo-early shuttle mainframe based control center into the current distributed systems control center used for the International Space Station.


From 1996 to 2003 the Yale alum led the X-38 project from concept through eight successful atmospheric drop tests. This project led to the development of the world’s largest parafoil.

After the shuttle Columbia accident, Muratore led the Space Shuttle Systems Engineering and Integration effort for Return To Flight. Retiring from NASA in 2007, he taught systems engineering and flight testing as a professor at the University of Tennessee Space Institute where he instrumented aircraft for missions for NOAA and NASA using small networked microprocessors using LabVIEW.

In 2011 he joined SpaceX in Mission Assurance working on vehicle certification for human and other government missions. He recently served as Launch Chief Engineer for the sixth flight of the Falcon 9 in December of 2013 launching the SES-8 satellite and for the seventh flight of the Falcon 9 in January 2014 launching the Thaicom-6 satellite.

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