High Altititude Balloon (HAB)

High Altitude Balloons are very much a part of YUAA’s history. This year, Jack Roth ’19 and his team plan to continue that tradition with a balloon of their own. The YUAA HAB project aims to take advantage of the high altitude balloon’s ability to reach altitudes over 30km while carrying payloads of significant weight. The HAB project is composed of two subprojects: control system development and payload development.

The HAB team is currently designing and constructing the balloon control system for use during the second semester. It will include a telemetry system capable of location tracking, battery monitoring, and payload monitoring. The control system will feature a balloon descent mechanism, which will be triggered in the event of certain system failures. A camera will also be featured. The HAB project will develop housing for balloon systems with an emphasis on reusability, able to withstand multiple launches and keep electronics at a constant temperature. In addition, the balloon will launch with a biological payload developed over the course of the academic year.

During September balloon control systems were researched and a specific solution was designed for the purposes of this project. The payload enclosure was also designed during this time. In October the team began to program the control system and designed the biological payload experiment. Construction on the payload enclosure began. In addition the team narrowed down on the camera to be used on the balloon. In November, they plan to complete the control system and payload enclosure. After completion the control system will be tested and supplies for the biological payload will be ordered.

Come December, Jack and the team plan to launch their balloon and conduct further tests. By January, they plan for the payload to be complete. The HAB team is overall working hard and is very excited to develop this project further!