YUAA Meets Gregory Woo

Last Sunday after an exciting first meeting back after break, YUAA members stuck around to meet Gregory Woo who came to talk about his work and experience in the aerospace industry. Mr. Woo is a Yale alumnus with a B.S. in electrical engineering and digital systems. He went on to obtain a master’s degree in organizational management and development from Fielding Graduate University. After years working at Millicorp, Mr. Woo decided he wanted to pursue a career in aviation. He is now a Ph.D. candidate studying Aviation Safety and Human Factors in the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Ph.D. in Aviation program. He currently works as a program manager and senior operations research analyst at the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center in the US Department of Transportation’s Office of Research and Technology.


Mr. Woo told members about his work at the Volpe Center and opportunities for engineers in the future. He discussed problems associated with navigation and implications of changing technologies. He also emphasized taking advantage of opportunities to lead well while at school, either by observing others or taking on leadership roles yourself.


In his free time, Mr. Woo acts as a flight instructor, and is an active pilot licensed to fly Boeing 737 type ratings and single-engine and multi-engine airplane ratings.