YUAA Speaker Series: Alden Richards

alden richards v2
Alden Richards, Space Cowboy



In our second speaker series event of the 2016-2017 academic year, we invited Alden Richards, Yale class of 1977, to talk to our members and those of the Yale community about his experiences in the space industry. In a whirlwind 2-hour talk, he took the audience on a journey from the early origins of rockets to his visions of the future of commercial spaceflight.

He spoke about his extremely varied life experiences, and how despite majoring in Medieval English Literature and Contemporary Chinese Legal Practices at Yale, he ended up as a consultant for many space companies, specialising in the high-risk, high-reward field of satellite insurance. A couple of decades ago, WIRED magazine even dubbed him “Space Cowboy” for his charismatic emergence onto the scene. Mr. Richards also teaches a very popular college seminar at Yale titled “Space Industry in US History”, which continues to be very in demand.

YUAA was extremely honoured to host Alden Richards for our ongoing speaker series, and we hope to continue our association with him in the years to come.