Newly Elected Board Members

It gives us great pleasure to introduce the project leaders, executive board members, and co-presidents of the 2015-2016 school year! Congratulations!

Devin Cody ’17 & Gerardo Carranza ’17

Director of Project Management
Lucia Korpas ’17

Director of Development
Warren Zhang ’17

Project Leaders
Andrew Arkebauer ’17 – UAV
Brian Beitler ’18 – Rocket
Betsy Li ’18 – CubeSat
Scott Smith ’18 – Optical Telescope

Public Relations Director
Pratik Gandhi ’18

Isabella Trierweiler ’18

2015 2016 boardFrom left to right: Warren Zhang, Lucia Korpas, Scott Smith, Betsy Li, Andrew Arkebauer, Brian Beitler, Devin Cody, Gerardo Carranza