Two Members Receive NAR Rocket Ceritification

Rebecca Beilinson ’16 and Jeff Gau ’16 respectively received Level 1 and Level 2 NAR Rocket Certification last weekend from the METRA Rocket Club in Pine Island, New York. Beilinson launched Ultimate with an Aerotech I-435 motor while Gau launched Penultimate with an Aerotech J-350 motor.

To become NAR certified, the applicant must showcase his or her ability to construct and launch a rocket using a class motor respective to the sought level of certification.  Prior to launch, the applicant undergoes a safety inspection in which he or she is expected to verbally answer technical questions regarding the specifications of the rocket. The applicant then flies the model, witnessed by the certification team. Success is judged on “stability, deployment of the recovery system, and safe recovery.

Gau’s Level 2 certification qualifies the Rocket Competition Team to launch Chronos at the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) in Green River, Utah.  In response to the successful certification, Beilinson noted,

“It was a successful launch and a fun day – we completed three launches in one day, which is the most we’ve done at any launch I’ve been to. We now have more members who are certified to launch, which means future launches should go more smoothly.”

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Mounting Penultimate
Mounting Penultimate