YUAA Hosts Brent Sherwood

This past Wednesday April 30, Brent Sherwood spoke to the YUAA and other interested students and faculty about his career in the aerospace industry and his vision for where the industry should devote its resources. Sherwood’s interest in “offworld urbanism and the trans-human settlement of space” came through as he talked about possibilities of space tourism, moon colonies, and harvesting energy from radiation in space.


Sherwood is a Yale alumnus with a B.A. and M.Arch in Architecture. He currently works at NASA JPL as a solar system missions manager and is also an officer of spacearchitecture.org. Additionally, he worked at Boeing for 17 years leading space mission concept development, program development, business development, manufacturing engineering, and concept engineering.


Before the talk, Sherwood met with YUAA members in a smaller group setting and answered questions. He answered difficult questions about the justification and future of space exploration with a refreshing perspective. After hearing the questions, Sherwood noted the uniqueness of engineers at Yale in their ability to think beyond the science of building a rocket or device and to the societal implications and long term affects of the projects pursued.