Announcing Lighter than Air Project

Yale Undergraduate Aerospace Association’s newest project is sponsoring an entry to the 2014 ASME-organized Lighter than Air competition. The competition involves the design and construction of a small UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) to carry a cargo through two gates, see below, drop a payload and return to the starting point.

This particular project is designed to introduce relatively new YUAA members (including a Lit major!) to basics of aerospace engineering. The current design involves a blimp structure with propellers and rudders. All vehicles entering the Lighter than Air Competition must be battery-powered and controlled through a wireless transmitter/receiver radio link.

The Lighter than Air project is led by Mechanical Engineering major and YUAA veteran Megan Perkins (ES’16). Team members include Andrew Deveau (CC’15), Lauren Urbont (BK’16), Sumed Guha (’17), Tom Bu (’17),  Andre Ivankovic (’17), and Matthew Brady (DC’17).

The team hopes to have their UAV ready by April for a regional competition that will give the chance to gain entry to the international competition in November.

Read more about it on the project page.