YUAA Successfully Completes First Motor Test

On March 13th, several members of YUAA successfully performed their first test of the RATTworks H70 hybrid rocket motor. This motor will fly in The Flying Bulldog, our first high power rocket. The test went smoothly, and YUAA is looking forward to more successful tests and launches with this motor.

The H70 is a hybrid rocket motor that uses nitrous oxide (N2O) and polypropylene as fuel for combustion. The test stand was constructed of unistrut, and special mounts were made for the 29mm diameter H70 motor. The test stand was surrounded on three sides by polycarbonate to protect the team members from any unexpected events.

The test was controlled from a distance with a custom control box created by YUAA team members. A 1/8” tube connected to a solenoid valve provided denatured nitrous oxide directly to the motor. The burn time for this motor was nearly 3 seconds.

This test was performed in preparation for the upcoming launches where YUAA will be flying their rockets, The Flying Bulldog, YSS Nathan Hale, and YSS Eli Whitney. We look forward to future successes at these launches.

Check out a slow motion video of the motor test, and stay tuned for updates of our launch this Saturday!