YUAA Launches YSS Eli Whitney

Saturday’s clear, if cold, weather finally gave YUAA a chance to launch its rockets. Traveling to Durham, CT, YUAA joined the sport rocketry club CATO to test launch its competition rockets. This phenomenal experience has given YUAA members many ideas for the future.

The YSS Eli Whitney soared high on the scarlet jet from its I-600 motor. As the most powerful rocket launched by either YUAA or CATO, the eight foot colossus more than matched expectations with its picture-perfect launch and recovery. But not everything went smoothly: the lander became tangled in the rocket’s shock cord after deployment. Fortunately, the 70” parachute more than sufficed to carry both rocket and lander gently to the ground without a scratch on them – or on the egg.

YUAA members will launch their rockets again soon and look forward to further success. Please stop back soon for more pictures and videos from Saturday’s launch!