YUAA Reorganizes Project Teams

For the Spring 2013 semester, YUAA split its members into three distinct project teams. Two of the teams will be competing in the Battle of the Rockets competition at the beginning of April. One of these teams will be participating in the Target Altitude competition while the other will participate in the Astro-Egg Lander competition. The last team has been working on creating a Command Center — a modular electronics package that can be implemented into any of YUAA’s future aircraft.

The Astro-Egg Lander team is currently building a rocket and lander to carry an egg to 1,500 feet and bring it safely back in a controlled descent no faster than 30 feet per second — all without using a parachute.

The Target Altitude team is designing and developing a rocket to compete at the Federation of Galaxy Explorers rocketry competition at the start of April. They will be building a rocket to get as close as possible to an altitude of 1,700 feet and be successfully recovered. The team is currently designing and constructing a launch pad for the rockets. As well, they are in the process of creating SolidWorks designs of various parts of the rocket and are awaiting a nitrous oxide delivery to begin engine tests.

Meanwhile, the Command Center team has been busy working on the hardware setup and software development for the team’s new components. They have successfully used the cell module to send and receive text messages as well as make and answer calls. Concurrently, they are organizing the structure of the overall Command Center program. As they master the communication demands of each device, they will begin integrating them with the BeagleBone processor.

Stay tuned for future updates!

(The Astro-Egg Lander team discussing design strategies)