YUAA Launches SkyView

YUAA recently launched its third, most advanced high-altitude balloon project, SkyView. The event was long and hectic — but an overall success. To the team members involved: Great job! To the New Haven Register, Hack-A-Day, and the other 5,550 people tracking the balloon with us: Thank you for your support!

The launch of Skyview was set for 10:30 AM EST on October 24 at Hubbard Park, Meriden, CT. The team arrived at the site early, but last-minute complications delayed launch for over an hour. Finally, all systems were cleared, and the countdown began: at 11:45 AM, SkyView left the ground. Team members and park-goers cheered as the craft broke cloud cover within minutes, disappearing from sight. The car chase began, with some team members staying behind to track the craft from the ground.

YUAA is proud to report the success of its custom-made tracking system, which enabled almost constant communication with SkyView throughout its journey. The previous few weeks’ hard work paid off as nearly all components — from the custom-made iPad app to the ground antennae — functioned as expected.

Sadly, the one thing the team didn’t have on its side was the weather. Unexpected southerly winds blew SkyView off its projected East-Northeast course and landed it just off Fisher’s Island in the Long Island sound. The craft could not be retrieved from this location.

However, at the end of the day, the launch of SkyView was a great accomplishment for the team. Not only did the tracking system follow the craft to the end of its journey, but all travel and transport logistics were coordinated well, and every team member in attendance, including each rookie, had a hand in getting the craft off the ground. Despite the setback, team members remain optimistic and look forward to later accomplishments this year in low-altitude flight and rocketry.

Stay tuned for more updates on these projects, and thank you for joining us for this experience.