The Rocket Competition team builds a rocket that will carry a scientific payload to approximately 10,000 feet.

The Lighter than Air team designs a UAV to compete at ASME’s Lighter than Air competition.

The Rocket-Launched UAV team develops an autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that will deploy from a rocket.

YUAA’s Past Projects include rockets, balloons, the Command Center, and more.

Upcoming Events

Lighter Than Air Competition
Saturday, April 26th, Drexel University

Launch of Chronos
Saturday, April 26th, URRG, New York

Launch of Omega
Saturday, April 26th, URRG, New York

Space Exploration and Settlement Talk with Brent Sherwood
Wednessday, April 30th, CEID Lecture Space

Weekly Team Meetings
3:00 pm Sundays, CEID

Weekly Team Dinners
5:45 pm Thursdays, Silliman